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Our belief is radical, but simple.
Play is the best way to learn.

Remember how naturally play came to you as a child?  You were saving lives. You were building cities and planes and trains and families. You were capable of everything. You wanted to know everything. You could be and do anything. Life and its intricacies were a making of your perception. You were learning how to be you.

With the rise of standardization of education, new and more academic expectations are placed on children at younger ages. This focus has caused a deterioration of children’s play that begins as early as infancy.

Play based learning is a child led and open ended type of early childhood education (ages 0-6) that facilitates children's natural motivation to play while learning with the guidance of an adult. Though play, children develop a variety of complex foundation skills that foster active inquiry and growth. They can test out theories, ideas, explore language and make connections while strengthening their motor skills, refining their spatial awareness, exercising their means of critical thinking, using their imagination, leading, innovating, cooperating and compromising with others and developing friendships.

Early childhood educators and “in the know” parents get it. However, despite the benefits and evidence, there is still a lack of understanding that...

Parents have been unable to experience routines, structures and methods in classrooms until now. Play is the Way gives an inside look into the practices of some of the most forward thinking institutions that educate some of the brightest, healthiest and well adjusted children across the globe. Most importantly, it showcases the power of play.

Play is the Way aims to not only help parents understand how play based learning works and why play offers such high quality solutions for early learners, but also bridge the gap of skepticism towards child led play as a whole. In doing so, we seek to encourage a bond between parents, educators and influential adults alike in hopes of inspiring a movement to redirect antiquated education systems around the world - one community at a time.

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